3rd Annual Conference of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

The 3rd ACTEFL conference is a unique way of networking with public school teachers from the eastern zone of São Paulo. All of our talks and workshops will be directly related to the professional practices in public schools. It will be an amazing opportunity for those who are looking for ideas, inspiration and professional development.

The organizing committee is pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Conference of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language will be held October 25, 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil. The conference seeks to provide talks and workshops for public school teachers from the eastern zone of São Paulo.

It is an initiative of a team formed by five regional English Coodinators from the State Secretary of Education in São Paulo: Leste 1, Leste 2, Leste 3, Leste 4 and Leste 5.

Universidade Cidade de S. Paulo (UNICID)
448 Cesário Galeno Street
Tatuapé (03071-000)
São Paulo, SP




Doors Open

Brazilian National Anthem

Official Opening

Aparecida Lúcia Alves Novaes de OlivetoLESTE 4

Music Presentation

EE Maria Aparecida de Castro Masiero (Leste 1)

About the ACTEFL

Jucimeire BispoSEDUC

Addressing Authenticity in the ESOL Classroom


Attitudes towards learning English: Social & Emotional Learning Competences

Sandra BorgesOxford University Press

Self-directed learning: Helping students do more outside of the classroom

Lukas MurphyUFMG

Lunch Break

After Lunch

Workshop 1 - Room 01

CLILifying in the Public School Sector: Unpacking for teachers.

Catarina R. M. da Cruz - Jucimeire Bispo – Liana M. A. BarretoSEDUC

Workshop 2 - Room 02

Artificial Intelligence in the EFL class

Raquel RibeiroCultura Inglesa

Workshop 3 - Room 03

Beyond theory: good practices at English language classes at University

Sandra Regina Fonseca MoreiraUNICID

Workshop 4 - Room 04

Small Talk: Proposta de Sequência Didática para desenvolvimento da oralidade no Ensino da Língua Inglesa nas Escolas Públicas

Adriana Ventura Diretoria de Ensino Leste 2

Workshop 5 - Room 05

Perspectives on L2 Listening Instruction: Moving Beyond the "Comprehension Approach

Kerry PuseyUS Embassy

Workshop 6 - Room 06

Teaching Pronunciation

Lukas MurphyUS Embassy

Workshop 7 - Room 07

Targeting Speaking: Teaching English as a Lingua Franca

Edna RutkowskiOxford University Press

Workshop 8 - Room 08

Correction and Feedback Techniques for Students' Motivation

Rodolfo Mattiello Braz-Tesol

Workshop 9 - Room 09

Corpus Linguistics Tools for Vocabulary

José Lopes Moreira FilhoLeste 3


Active Learning in the Language Classroom

Alberto CostaCambridge Assessment English

Teachers under construction: perspectives in professional development

Marcela CintraBraz-Tesol