Kitconc is available for two implementations of Python: PyPy and CPython+Cython.

For better performance and the latest updates, we recommend the CPython+Cython installation.

PyPy installation (Portable)

This is the easiest way to get Kitconc working on Windows, but it it not the latest update.

  -    Operating System (OS)    Version    Type    Size  
  Windows  2.1.0EXE46 MB
  Windows  2.1.0ZIP86 MB

Older versions...

It is also important to note that the portable version is not as fast as the CPython+Cython version.

CPython+Cython installation (Recommended)

1. Install Anaconda:

Use one of the links below from the website:

[Windows] - [Linux] - [MacOS]

2. Use pip to install Kitconc

Open a terminal and type:

$ pip install kitconc

Lauching Kitconc GUI

from kitconc.kit_app import KitApp
app = KitApp()

Tips for solving problems

Kitconc uses Cython to speed up the processing. So to get Cython working, you need to install a C compiler to be able to compile the .c files into .pyd or .so.


Install a version of the Visual C++ Build Tools or Visual Studio Community that matches the version that was used to compile your Python interpreter.


Open a terminal and type:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc