Perspectives on L2 Listening Instruction (Kerry Pusey)
Addressing Authenticity in the ESOL Classroom (Kerry Pusey)
Corpus tools for vocabulary (José Lopes Moreira Filho)
Task handout (José Lopes Moreira Filho)
Planning handout (José Lopes Moreira Filho)
Concordances handout (José Lopes Moreira Filho)
Self-Directed Learning: Helping learners do more outside the class (Lukas Murphy)
Pronunciation workshop (Lukas Murphy)
Teachers under construction: Perspectives in professional development (Marcela Cintra)
Social and Emotional Learning Competencies (Sandra Borges)
Social and Emotional Learning Competencies - Vídeo (Sandra Borges)
SMALL TALK (Adriana Ventura de Souza)
Active Learning in the Language Classroom (Alberto Costa)